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Becoming an Agent?

As a logistics agent, you win big time when you've got a solid team of professionals supporting you in your career. TCG agents are at the top of the industry, leading with professionalism, integrity and hard work. We take pride in supplying our agents with the benefits they want in order to enjoy a lucrative, fulfilling career.

No Surprises

When you partner with TCG, we'll make sure you reap every benefit by reducing/eliminating insurance costs and reducing overhead costs.

Full Support

With TCG you get strong financial backing to help your business grow and succeed. Find the tools you need from a company that is connected to numerous carriers nationwide.

Safety First

We put our agents first by implementing regular training and by utilizing the latest supply chain software. That's why TCG maintains strong safety scores and reduced legal exposure.

How does the

Agent Model Work?

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Become an Agent

As a TCG agent you'll be working closely with supply chains and carriers all over the nation, ensuring that shipments are where they're supposed to be and lines are running smoothly.

Hone Your Skills

Logistics agents wear many hats, so you'll be learning the in's and outs of the entire supply chain. From ordering to delivering and tracking to reporting, the agent coordinates like a pro.

Customer Service

Providing exemplary customer service is what being a successful agent is all about. TCG prides itself on being a company that leads with integrity and providing courteous assistance.

Agent Benefits

Further your business with a team that gives you the support you want. TCG offers benefits such as reduced/eliminated costs, strong safety scores, and financial backing.