3 Clever Ways for Owner Operators to Make More Money

3 Clever Ways for Owner Operators to Make More Money

As an owner-operator, you are in control of your truck driving career. From the loads you want to haul to the hours you want to work, you call the shots on how you want to run your business. 

However, if you’ve just started your career as an owner-operator, it can take some time to get your rhythm down and figure out what works and what doesn’t. A major part of that is establishing a steady cash flow

The good news is, truck drivers are in high demand, and the opportunity to land lucrative loads is very possible if you know how to find and secure them. We give you our best tips in this post!

Freight Matching Service

Finding the best load is the first step in ensuring you are making enough money as an owner-operator. The term “best load” goes beyond the idea of a load board, where sure- you’ll find loads, but not always the most lucrative. Plus, you have other drivers competing for loads, which can get frustrating.

One way to ensure you are picking up the best load is to take advantage of the benefits offered by using a freight matching service. Through a freight matching service, owner-operators can find loads that best match their needs, therefore saving time, money, and stress. 

Freight matching services also put owner-operators in touch with brokers who have the connections and knowledge to cut right to the chase and do the work of finding the best loads for you.

Networking & Reputation

Being self-employed means that networking and reputation are crucial to building your business. 

Reputation for an owner-operator goes beyond pickups and delivery but is also shaped by being courteous, proactive, and leading with integrity.

Customers want clear communication, transparency, and reliability. Aim for creating long-lasting partnerships with the people you work with, it will ensure that you will always have customers coming back to do business with you instead of constantly having to find new jobs. When people can trust you, you can expect consistent work that leads to a steady cash flow. 

Reduce Fuel Costs

One of the biggest expenses for owner operators comes from fuel costs. Luckily, there are some easy ways to save in terms of fuel including:

  1. Planning your route in advance: By planning your route in advance, you can cut out extra miles traveled to ensure a more efficient route.

  1. Cash Back Fuel Cards: When choosing a credit card, opt for cards that offer cash back at the pump. Though it may seem like a small detail, you’ll benefit from the returns over time.

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