3 Common ELD Mistakes and How to Prevent Them

3 Common ELD Mistakes and How to Prevent Them

Back in 2018, some states began mandating the use of ELDs (electronic logging devices) in semi-trucks, and over time more states have jumped on the bandwagon. 

An ELD is a device that synchronizes with the engine to record the driving time and overall hours of service.

This was mandated in order to create a safer working environment for truck drivers on the road by optimizing how data is tracked, managed, and shared. 

While the ELD has become more commonplace in 2022, newbie drivers or those interested in truck driving jobs in Indiana might be confused about how to use it correctly, as there is a slight learning curve involved.

In our post, we cover three of the most common mistakes drivers make while operating an ELD, including how to avoid these blunders and the fines that come along with them.

1. Push the paper

You might read the description of what an ELD does and think, “Great, now I won’t have to do paperwork anymore…ELDs rule!” 

Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not the case. While the ELD is all about digitally recording important data, drivers that are still learning how to use them should keep paper backups just in case of errors.

Remember: a spotty logbook is begging for a fine, and that’s something you want to steer clear of by having a backup.

The only obvious way to win the paper game is to learn how your ELD works from top to bottom and keep paper records until you’re confident in you’ve got it down.

2. Mounting the ELD

This is an easy fix, but it’s a mistake that happens a lot. Be mindful of where you mount your ELD on your truck, and no- your pocket or the passenger seat doesn’t cut it.

It needs to be clearly visible at all times, in a place where it’s easy to reach if the occasion arises. You could choose a tilted mount that can be moved around to get a view outside or a detachable mount, so you can quickly remove it in case of an inspection.

3. Become a pro at editing

With tight deadlines and long hours on the road, it’s easy to make mistakes and input the wrong information into the ELD. But it’s important to go back and correct mistakes, as this is one area that officers are focusing on, especially since some bad apples are taking advantage.

Stay on top of ELD functions and troubleshooting by reading guidebooks, watching videos, or taking a training course. 









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