3 Easy Hacks to Keep Your Truck Organized

3 Easy Hacks to Keep Your Truck Organized

Long haul truckers spend days on the road, which means the truck cabin becomes a sort of home away from home. 

Like being at home, without an organization plan, things can get hectic. Not only is it uncomfortable to spend hours in a small, cluttered space, but it’s also unhygienic and stressful.

Furthermore, what if you get into a situation where you need to produce important documents or paperwork? You need to know where these items are at all times because lets be real- digging under the driver’s seat is certainly not a good look.

Fortunately, truck drivers have found some clever and creative ways to get organized and stay organized when on the road. We share some of our favorite hacks in this post!

Empty wall space is perfect for extra storage

You won’t believe how much stuff you can store on your empty truck cabin walls! How, you ask? Well, a little velcro and a few adhesive hooks go a long way (they’re super affordable, too!). 

You can get creative with hanging just about anything, from clothes to kitchen utensils and accessories. 

Save glass jars with screw-on lids and attach them to a piece of wood or strip of plastic that you can hang from a cabinet. These jars are perfect for holding large amounts of small supplies, such as nails or spices. 

Pocket organizers can also be hung up on adhesive hooks and they lay flat against the wall. The pockets are perfect for shoes, jewelry, knick-knacks, games, and anything you can think of.

Does it come in travel size?

With more and more Americans hitting the road in motorhomes, there’s no shortage of basic household appliances being downsized for travel convenience.

The same applies to truckers. There are kitchen appliances, such as air fryers, crock pots, and mini-fridges that are perfect for saving money and eating healthy on the road.

Vacuum cleaners and other cleaning tools come in smaller sizes or can be folded down to an easy-to-store size. There are also plenty of mechanical items that can be charged via USB.

‍There’s an app for that!

It’s 2022, and digital rules the road. If you have trouble keeping paperwork organized, then download a few apps or logistics management software to take the paper mess out of your life.

You’ll be able to pull up documents in a jiff, and communicate with your coworkers fast and efficiently.


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