3 Tips for Best LTL Shipping Practices

3 Tips for Best LTL Shipping Practices

Less Than Load (LTL) shipping is a smaller load that does not fill up a trailer on its own. Instead, multiple shippers with LTL loads will combine their loads onto one trailer to save money. 

By doing this, you only pay for the space you use instead of the entire trailer. Then, multiple deliveries are made in one trip.

Here are 3 of our favorite tips for efficient LTL shipping services.

How to streamline your LTL shipments

LTL offers many benefits, especially for small businesses that ship LTL frequently and don’t want to pay high rates. Here’s how you can streamline your LTL practices to optimize your supply chain.

1. Use a Transportation Management System (TMS)

Automated systems are taking over the logistics industry and for good reason. They make it easier to organize, track, and plan while saving considerable time and money.

LTL shipments are efficient, but there are several details that need attention to avoid extra costs or delays. Implementing a Transportation Management System (TMS) will automate workplace practices to ensure no details get overlooked and you can focus on running your business.

2. Make sure your freight dimensions are accurate

If dimensions are off, you could be paying extra for no reason. Ask your freight carrier for their classification terms and match measure out your loads to match these classifications. Don’t forget to double-check your measurements!

3. Reduce damages by using proper packaging materials

Did you know that one of the most common causes of freight damage is improper packaging? This is easily avoidable if you plan and choose the right materials. For LTL shipping, pallets are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly option. 

You can load several smaller items onto one pallet without overhang. They can be better organized with the support of the pallet. Also, a pallet can be handled with a forklift, enabling you to transload more items at once.

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