3 Tips to Implement Sustainable Shipping Practices

3 Tips to Implement Sustainable Shipping Practices

The global supply chain is getting a green makeover, and it’s about time. According to the EPA program SmartWay, the US transportation industry is responsible for over 50% of harmful carbon emissions in the country.

Luckily, businesses are wising up, by implementing mindful shipping practices that reduce the carbon footprint. Ready to do the same? Here are 3 ways you can start making your supply chain more sustainable right away.

1. Choose packaging with care

A fast way to make a difference is by switching the supplies you use to package your cargo. Instead of heavily relying on plastics, opt for recyclable materials or biodegradable packaging. 

In 2021, there are numerous companies that focus on supplying shippers with eco-friendly materials, so it’s easier than ever to find what suits your business. 

When ordering supplies, inquire about the standards the company holds in order to meet certain environmental criteria.

The best eco friendly boxes

When choosing boxes to ship your products, take the time to ensure you are using the right-sized boxes. Not only will this reduce material waste, but you save money on unnecessary dimensional fees.

Join a pallet recycle program

Pallets are a miracle for consolidating space when shipping, but you can also go one step greener by choosing recycled pallets through an established program like Millwood. They will take your unwanted pallets and either fix them up for reuse or repurpose them into mulch or animal bedding if they are beyond repair.

2. Create an eco shipping option for customers

Consolidating orders is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint, but with the rise of eCommerce and the higher demand for faster shipping times, this can be difficult to accomplish. Instead, offer your customers incentives for choosing slower shipping times or an eco shipping option that will catch the eye of eco conscious consumers.

3. Donate to an environmentally friendly program

A fast and easy way to join the green side is by donating to various programs that focus on environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Carbon Fund has a cool little tool that lets you calculate the carbon footprint of your shipments, then recommends offset programs to donate to.

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