3 Vital Tips Freight Brokers Can Use to Build Strong Carrier Relationships

3 Vital Tips Freight Brokers Can Use to Build Strong Carrier Relationships

What sets a superstar freight brokerage apart from the competition is the reliable and trustworthy foundation they’ve built due to displaying quality customer service

This establishes long-lasting partnerships, precisely what you need in the logistics industry working with carriers. You know your carriers, so it’s easier for you to connect clients with the best match for their business. That way, you’re not always putting in more hours than needed trying to find an unfamiliar carrier to fill the roll.

But how can you build long-lasting carrier partnerships that also check the boxes for what your clients need and the types of services and expectations you’re trying to provide? In this post, we share 3 simple tips to make the magic happen.

Show your efficient side

Efficiency is everything in the freight brokerage business. After all, clients are coming to you because they need a carrier fast- one that perfectly suits their operations and has the capabilities to carry specific types of loads.

This is where knowing your carriers profiles is so important, and organization becomes paramount. According to the services your carrier connections offer, go ahead and organize them into categories that correspond accordingly. This way, when a client calls and tells you they’re in a rush and this is what they need, you can jump right in with a solid list of carriers without having to start your search at zero.

Build trust and keep it

How can you build trust with carriers? It starts with the money! For one, clients and carriers will be watching to see how you negotiate rates, and clients are more inclined to stick with you if you can get them the best- it eases their mind and proves your reliability.

Also, don’t forget to get carriers paid on time! Because well, obviously everyone wants to be compensated for their work as soon as possible, right?

Be open to feedback

Communication is essential to the success of any relationship, and the same goes for your carrier partnerships. Take the time to listen to their needs and gather regular feedback. This helps you to understand what they want and don’t, pertaining to jobs. 

It helps them feel heard and appreciated too. Consider asking questions such as the types of lanes they prefer to drive, the loads/capacity they want, and the types of rates they’re looking for.

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