3 Ways to Make Sure You Find Overnight Truck Parking

3 Ways to Make Sure You Find Overnight Truck Parking

Truck parking is one of the more notorious issues drivers have to deal with when hauling loads over the road. The problem is, there isn’t enough of it available.

It can be frustrating to roll into a town in the evening, tired and hungry, but the only truck parking facilities are full. 

That’s why truckers need to be clever and prioritize parking at the end of a long day. Rest and safety is at the forefront, and it’s a very bad idea to try parking on the shoulder of the road for the night.

In this blog post, we share 3 tips to help make it easier to find truck parking.

Plan to Park Early

Being prepared is half the battle when living life on the road. You need to think about routes, health, and getting enough rest- all vital for making deliveries on time safely.

Do research on the areas you’ll be traveling through and make a note of the parking facilities available to truckers. Some areas provide more services than others. If you’ll be bunkering down in a town where parking is scarce, it’s a good idea to plan on pulling in early, since chances are, the spots will fill up quickly.

This increases your chances of securing a parking spot. You can also call ahead and see if you can reserve a spot. 

Switch Your Driving Schedule

A safe and less stressful way to ensure you get a spot is to drive at night and sleep during the day. Some drivers do this, as there is less traffic on the road at night and they’re able to clock more miles. 

Then, when everyone else is pulling out of the truck parking in the morning to begin their day, you can pull in and find more empty spots. This gives you the opportunity to rest up during the day in a peaceful setting, your night of driving already behind you.

Save Money With Rest Areas

Many states provide rest areas that are conveniently located right off the highway. These stops are also free, with amenities such as restrooms and eating tables.

However, everyone wants free, and you’ll be competing with other truckers, motorhomes, and family vehicles for a spot. Try to pull in early if you can. The upside is that you’ll be able to get right on and off without side trips, making it faster if you’re on a tight schedule.

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