5 Expert Tips for Using Load Boards to Secure Freight

5 Expert Tips for Using Load Boards to Secure Freight

Online load boards have made it easier for the modern trucker to locate the loads they want to haul, when they want it. It’s instant access to a multitude of jobs with varying benefits and bonuses. 

Load boards also give truckers, especially owner operators, the opportunity to find potential long-term customers they work well with, so over time relying on load boards for work becomes less of a necessity.

However, load boards can also be very competitive. Easy and immediate access means that numerous drivers are browsing jobs on a daily basis. At first, it can be frustrating to try and navigate through and secure an attractive load.

There are tricks to get to the best loads before others, though. In this blog post, we share our 5 secrets for success.

Know your operating costs

This is essential, because it paints a bigger picture of how much revenue you need to generate to cover these costs, along with your living costs.

For owner operators, operating costs include fuel, equipment, insurance, maintenance, and communication. 

Knowing your total costs helps weed through load offerings, as the rates are typically listed. 

Plan ahead

Don’t put all of your focus into securing one load, because then when the job is complete you’ll be wondering what’s next. Save time and money by scheduling multiple loads.

It does take time, but sitting down and cherry picking your loads for the next week or more is worth the peace of mind. Plus, that’s one of the advantages of load boards- the flexibility with scheduling.

Learn your load boards

There are several different load boards out there, but what works for one driver might not work for another. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different boards and round up two or three that you like the most.

Learn how to bid on loads

With practice, you can end up scoring a few hundred dollars more to haul a load despite listed rates. Bidding gives you the freedom to set your terms. Here’s how…

Say a load is posted with five days until it needs to be hauled. Shippers probably won’t entertain high bids, because they still have time to accept ones that fall within their rate range. 

However, if a load is nearing 24 hrs until go time, the shipper is more likely to choose a higher bid, because they’re running out of time.

Know your markets

There are many different types of markets represented on load boards, so it does a driver well to understand these markets in order to choose the ones that best align with their business.

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