5 Tips to Prevent Cargo Theft on the Road

5 Tips to Prevent Cargo Theft on the Road

Studies show that in the US, Cargo theft is a $15 to $30 billion industry. Products such as food, apparel, and electronics are most targeted, and thieves are constantly evolving their tactics to take advantage any way they can.

Highway rest stops and truck stops are where they strike most frequently, and these places account for more than 39% of theft. That’s why it’s always important for truck drivers to be vigilant on the road and be prepared with the right safety equipment.

Here are 5 tips to help logistics professionals keep thieves at bay while transporting goods.

Prevent inside jobs

Many theft operations occur with the help of inside information. Logistics managers should always utilize thorough screening to ensure their team is reliable, safe, and honest. This includes the carriers you partner with. Remember, once your goods leave your sight it’s all in their hands.

Hold regular security trainings

Security training is important to ensure your team knows what to do in case of a hijacking, etc. Hold meetings regularly and always stay on top of the latest security methods and information.

Make a plan and do your research

Thieves have been known to follow trucks as they leave the distribution center. Do your homework on the routes your goods will be traveling on and discern if there are any “hot spots” where cargo theft has happened before. Require drivers not to stop in the “red zone” or the first 200 miles of the trip.

NO dark parking lots

Drivers can take care over the road when they have to stay at a rest stop or truck stop overnight. Avoid dimly lit, empty parking lots and don’t leave your truck sitting unattended for too long. Always lock up and utilize surveillance technology to keep an eye on every angle.

Useful security technology

Security technology is way more advanced than it used to be, and it’s available at a more affordable price. Now you can track shipments in real-time, utilize high-tech security seals, and use vehicle immobilization tech. It’s fast, easy, and brings you peace of mind

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