6 Reasons to Explore a Career as a Truck Driver

6 Reasons to Explore a Career as a Truck Driver

Are you sitting in your cubicle (or working from home) and finding yourself distracted by pictures of snow-capped mountains, breathtaking coastlines and empty stretches of highway winding along America’s lush National forests?

If you’re looking for a career that allows you to get out of the office and out of those ridiculous business trousers, the trucking industry just might be for you. 

Need convincing? Here’s why truck driving jobs in Indiana have a lot to offer. 

1. You don’t need a college degree

Whether you have a college degree or not, you can drive a truck and make a comfortable salary

Depending on the state, age regulations vary, so if you are under 21 this is something you’ll need to check out first.

You’ll need to obtain your commercial driver’s license (CDL) in order to operate a long haul truck. 

There are also truck driving schools that administer in-depth training, rewarding graduates with a certificate upon completion, but this is not mandatory.

Next, apply for jobs and you’re good to go!

2. There is a truck driver shortage in America

The US is experiencing a truck driver shortage, which means there are extra incentives for drivers and plenty of work to go around. 

When searching for truck driver jobs in Indiana, take your time to see what benefits are offered to new drivers. Some companies will give owner operators a bonus check just for signing up to drive.

And, since there is a high demand for drivers, you can be more selective with the jobs you want to take according to your preferred schedule.

3. Truck drivers are the backbone of the US economy

When you drive a truck, your hard work is helping millions of Americans get access to food, water and medicine. In other words, truck drivers keep shelves stocked. 

You’re not cramped up in your office working arduous hours to make some CEO’s dream come true. You are doing MEANINGFUL work that helps others and plays a pivotal role in keeping the US economy rolling.

You also get job security. When an emergency like the pandemic threatens job security, truck drivers are considered essential workers who stay on the frontlines no matter what.

4. You get to travel while making a lucrative salary

Get out of the cubicle and see the US like never before! America is a road tripper’s dream, and truck driving will take you all over the place. 

If you’ve ever dreamed of living out of a van or long term travel in the US, but don’t want to sacrifice your career, truck driving is one of the few jobs that allows you to travel frequently while making a comfortable salary. 

Depending on the jobs you take, starting pay for a new truck driver is around $35-$40k a year.

Plus, you’ll get access to deals like fuel discounts, meals, accommodation and more.

5. You get to meet new people

Sure, you’re out on the road for work and the clock is ticking on that delivery, but think about all of the new faces you’ll encounter along the journey. 

Life on the road doesn’t have to be lonely. Trucking will put you in touch with a vibrant community and new friends that could potentially change your life!

Technology has also made it much easier for the modern day trucker to connect with others. There are plenty of online forums and apps focused on the trucking lifestyle.

Plus, you CAN bring your dog along for the ride!

6. Learn new skills and advance in the logistics industry

The good thing about the logistics industry is that it is highly diverse in terms of skill sets. There is always something to learn, whether it’s how to drive a forklift or manage a supply chain. 

Once you get started in a career as a truck driver, you’ll have room to grow and find your place in the industry. 

Perhaps you prefer hauling oversized items or you want to stay closer to home by being a local “final mile” driver. 

The key takeaway is that you have options! All you need to do is take the initial step by getting out of your comfort zone and explore the possibilities!

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