7 Benefits of Using Pallets to Ship Goods

7 Benefits of Using Pallets to Ship Goods

Pallets are wooden or plastic square-shaped structures that are used to ship goods in the logistics industry.

Shipping freight with pallets offers numerous advantages to save on packaging costs and streamline supply chain practices. Here are 7 benefits of shipping with pallets.

1. They help save space

Pallets serve as a strong foundation to stack goods on top of. This gives smaller loads reliable support to reduce damages and helps organize goods in a more efficient manner.

2. They make transloading easier

Pallets come in a universal size that is perfect for forklifts to maneuver. With several small items packed onto a single pallet, forklifts can quickly load and unload a bulk amount at once.

3. Pallets are versatile

You can use pallets for more than just shipping goods. People use them for home projects in gardens, to make furniture, to burn firewood, or it can be shredded to use as mulch.

4. Pallets are reusable

For businesses stepping up and implementing greener supply chain practices, pallets are a sustainable packaging option compared to plastic and cardboard. You can reuse pallets over and over again, then recycle them once you no longer have use for them.

5. Offers protection from the elements

While pallets help reduce packaging damages, they also protect cargo from the elements. For example, pallets keep goods off the ground away from standing water, dirt, and uneven surfaces.

6. Helps optimize space when shipping

You don’t want to overpay for trailer space you don’t use, especially when shipping Less Than Loads (LTL). Pallets can help you organize your goods accordingly to give you a better idea of how much space you’ll need inside a trailer. 

7. Pallets are easy to store

Lightweight and portable, pallets make warehouse storage easier to manage. As mentioned above, forklifts can lift pallet loads safely and with ease. One major benefit is that you can stack pallets to save on warehouse space.

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