7 Best Truck Driving Apps for 2021

7 Best Truck Driving Apps for 2021

In this day and age technology is becoming a vital part of the supply chain, helping streamline processes, simplify management, and make life on the road easier for truck drivers.

There are tons of great apps developed for truck drivers that help make tasks such as finding cheap gas or accommodation possible with the push of a button. 

We’ve listed 7 of the most popular truck driving apps for you in this post!

CamScanner: No more searching for important documents in your truck! With this app you can upload and store all of your paperwork and receipts in a cloud, so you can access it from your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

BigRoad: Make logging your driving information second nature by using this app as an electric log. You can make quick calculations, track your hours, and the app will send notifications if there are any errors with your scheduling.

TruckerPath: This versatile app was designed specifically for truckers, with a multitude of helpful features to make life on the road more efficient. By using this app you can find the best fuel prices, info on weigh stations, strategic parking, and help with navigation.

The Rolling Strong App: Get in shape and stay healthy on the road with this handy self-care app. It provides truckers with meal plans and workouts that fit to the busy travel lifestyle.

AudioBooks: Sometimes those long highways can get boring. That’s where a nice audio book can keep you entertained! Choose from thousands of popular titles, sit back, and enjoy the story. This is a great option too, because it doesn’t require you to take your hands off the wheel.

Weather App: Stay on top of the latest weather developments no matter where you are. This app can help you stay safe and avoid delays.

OverDrive Trucker Tools: This awesome app is also geared towards truckers, providing info on truck stops, load trackers, weather and more. There are also message boards to interact with other truckers on the road.

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