Beat the Heat on the Road with These Helpful Tips

Beat the Heat on the Road with These Helpful Tips

Summer is here and the roads are getting hot! Just like during the winter months, there are certain factors truck drivers need to consider to stay safe and comfortable during trips.

Here are our best tips to stay cool this summer!

Drink lots of water

Hydration does a lot more than just quench your thirst. It’s imperative to drink at least eight cups of water per day to stay in tip-top shape.

Feeling lethargic? Having trouble focusing? You may be dehydrated! By drinking plenty of water you’ll feel invigorated with improved concentration- which is vital for those long hours on the highway.

Always keep a water bottle close by and take advantage of free water refills at gas stations and truck stops. Invest in a mini-fridge for your rig and keep it stocked with water bottles.

Quality sunglasses make a difference

When those first bright rays of the morning sun blind you on the road, it’s a recipe for dangerous driving! Do you really think those cheap gas station sunglasses are going to have your back?

Make it easy on yourself and invest in a quality pair of polarized sunglasses. Not only will you be able to see the road properly, but your eyes will thank you since you won’t have to squint and strain!

Inspect your tires and brakes

When the roads bake under the sun, that hot tar can have detrimental effects on your truck. Always stay on top of your tires and brakes, inspecting them carefully before heading out on a trip. 

Make sure your tires have the right amount of air because even a little bit of deflation can increase the risk of a tire blowout.

The heat wears out the brakes quickly, so this area needs extra attention during the hot months to ensure perfect working order.

Wear the right gear

Believe it or not, you can still get a sunburn while sitting in the cab of your truck. Ever heard of a farmer’s tan? 

You can protect yourself by wearing breathable cotton shirts, hats, and applying sunscreen before a hot day unfolds. 

This is also important because prolonged exposure to the sun can increase the risk for melanoma.

Download a weather app

Certain regions of the US experience daily thunderstorms and heavy rainfall that can lead to traffic jams. 

Stay ahead of the curve by downloading a weather app to watch the forecast where you’ll be traveling. Make sure your rig is prepped for rain and if needed have backup routes planned to avoid delays.

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