Cut Shipping Costs With These Clever Packaging Hacks

Cut Shipping Costs With These Clever Packaging Hacks

If you can save time and money on the supply chain, then as a logistics professional- you’re doing alright! Oftentimes you may be tempted to look at large-scale actions to cut costs, however, there are plenty of small ways to refine operations and save little by little on a consistent basis.

Welcome to the world of packaging! Saving money can be the difference between the materials you choose and the way packages are handled. In this blog post, we share 3 mega tips to elevate your packaging practices and save over the long run.

Pay Attention to Sizing

This minuscule detail is easy to overlook, but if you are meticulous with package sizing you can save quite a bit.

Why send a small item in a large cardboard box? Instead maintain full visibility of your supply chain by ramping up how often products are monitored. This also allows you to see where improvements can be made in how the products are handled.

Details Make a Difference

Logistics success comes down to the little details. One tiny misstep can lead to costly results. Packaging is one area that proves this ten-fold. It’s imperative to pay attention to every part of the process, from the amount of stuffing that’s used per product to whether pallets are utilized to their full potential.

Once again, the best way to finetune practices is by closely monitoring your packaging team in action to see where little tweaks can be made to shave costs.

‍Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Save

The age-old recycle and reuse mantra works well here, since materials make a big difference in cost savings.

The trick is to choose high-quality materials. Sure, the upfront costs are higher, but they retain their worth through time due to durability. 

If your business uses a ton on plastic or cardboard you can check with local recycling programs to see if they’ll pick up unused materials. Some may even pay for it!

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