Dangerous Road Hazards Truck Drivers Need to Know About

Dangerous Road Hazards Truck Drivers Need to Know About

Driving a truck is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Between spending long hours driving and the pressure to deliver goods on time, it’s no surprise that truck driving is also considered to be one of the deadliest jobs in the US.

Truckers need to be on their guard, which can be difficult all of the time. There are numerous road hazards, and while some happen fast and unexpectedly, there are others that truckers can learn about and prepare for. We share the most common road hazards in this post.

Highway Ramps

Merging on or off a highway is one of those skills that strikes fear in the hearts of new drivers. Being able to pick up speed to merge into the flow of fast-paced traffic takes practice, and seasoned drivers need to be prepared to accommodate unfamiliarity with merging.

And, it’s not just new drivers learning to merge. Tourists who are not familiar with the local road systems, distracted drivers, and drivers swerving off the highway suddenly to avoid missing their exit are all dangers that can cause an accident.

Truckers must always drive at a safe speed, with their eyes ahead, while being prepared to react quickly and safely.

Fallen Objects on the Road

Another road hazard that often comes without warning is objects and animals. From burst tire fragments to rock slides, and deer that graze alongside highways, truckers must keep an eye on the cars around them just as much as on the road ahead for signs of objects looming quickly.

Be ready to act accordingly and shift over while going at a safe speed, using your indicators. 

Road Work

When you see those iconic orange cones narrowing the highway, you can count on slow traffic. Road work is ahead, and this makes drivers antsy to get past it as quickly as possible.

Oftentimes, drivers especially want to get ahead of big trucks, even jumping into the emergency lane with impatience. 

This is highly dangerous, as trucks have blind spots, and if a car has to brake whilst alongside a truck, it can cause an accident.

Truckers need to slow down and keep their eyes peeled, using their four-ways if necessary.

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