Haunted Roads for Truckers to Travel...If They Dare

Haunted Roads for Truckers to Travel...If They Dare

Halloween is just around the corner, and there’s no reason why truck drivers can’t partake in the spooky fun!

In fact, America is home to some incredibly haunted highways that’ll surely give even the toughest road warrior a fright.

For fun, we’ve listed 4 of the most haunted roads for truck drivers to check out this Hallows Eve...if they dare!

1. Highway 299

This California highway travels from East to West across the state, and it’s riddled with ghost stories.

There is a five-mile stretch between Old Shasta City and Whiskeytown Lake that is considered to be especially haunted. 

Other than the immortal souls that roam these lands, Shasta State Park is a cool stop if you’re into history, with abandoned buildings that date back to the 1850s when the town was a bustling gold rush destination. You can walk through some of the buildings, giving you all of the eerie feels.

2. Interstate 44

If you ask an old truck driver about Interstate 44, they’re bound to bring up some of the ghost stories that haunt this roadway, also known as the Spooksville Triangle

Three towns in different states connect here, which includes Miami, Oklahoma, Joplin Missouri, and Columbus, Kansas. 

Over the years drivers have reported sightings of inexplicable red and yellow lights that bounce across the roads. Some say that they’re the spirits of natives carrying lanterns. 

The Joplin truck-stop harbors a supernatural vibe as well.

3. Route 666

The name of this highway carries weight, especially where ghosts are concerned. 

Apart from the high number of accidents that seem to occur on this 200 mile stretch through Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah, reports of a ghostly semi-truck running vehicles off the road is one of the scarier legends around these parts.

4. Route 2A

This is a common route taken by truck drivers, with a dangerous reputation for its sharp turns and blind corners. 

There are also tombstones that can be viewed from the road. 

One of the more famous ghost stories from this route tells about a woman who screams for help from the side of the road, but when vehicles slow down she disappears into thin air!

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