How to Find Pet-Friendly Stops and Routes for Truckers

How to Find Pet-Friendly Stops and Routes for Truckers

It’s National Dog Month, so for this blog, we pay homage to pups who like to travel in the passenger seat! 

For truckers who take their faithful furry companions along with them, ensuring their four-legged friends are comfortable and safe is a top priority. 

You might think it’s too complicated to drive a truck with a pet….isn’t it another thing to worry about on top of deadlines, paperwork, and loads?

You might be pleasantly surprised to discover pet-friendly stops and routes has become more common, and it makes it much easier to bring your dog along. Here's a guide on how to find the best options!

Start With a Plan 

Minimizing stress starts with being prepared. Before embarking on your journey, research pet-friendly routes and stops along the way. Online resources, mobile apps, and trucker forums can provide valuable insights from fellow truckers who've been down the same road.

Check Out Pet-Friendly Apps

Did you know that there are several apps specifically designed to assist truckers with pets? Apps like "Trucker Path" and "BringFido" allow you to search for pet-friendly locations, including rest stops, parks, and pet-friendly hotels. Here are some other favorites:

  • Pet First Aid: In case of an emergency while on the road.
  • Rover: Great for finding dogsitting any time, anywhere.
  • GoPetFriendly: Helps find pet-friendly parks, beaches, campgrounds, and attractions in an area.

Check with Truck Stops

Many major truck stops across the country are becoming more pet-friendly. Chains like TA-Petro and Pilot Flying J often have designated pet areas, complete with exercise areas and waste disposal stations.

Utilize Rest Areas

Some rest areas and welcome centers offer designated pet walking areas. Look for signs indicating pet-friendly zones, and make sure to follow any posted regulations.

Dog parks are also more common, giving your pup a place to safely romp and socialize unleashed.

Pet-Friendly Hotels

If you need to take an overnight break, research hotels that accommodate both truckers and pets. Some hotel chains have pet-friendly policies, allowing your furry friend to join you in your room.

Doggie daycares and boarding facilities have also become more easily accessible, with improved and even luxury services.

Important: Respect Rules and Regulations

Always adhere to any posted rules and regulations regarding pets at stops. Properly leash and clean up after your pet to maintain a positive experience for all travelers.

Connect with Fellow Truckers 

Online trucker communities and forums are a goldmine of information. Reach out to other truckers who travel with pets for firsthand recommendations and tips.

Safety First

Your pet's safety is paramount. Ensure that any stops you choose are secure and well-lit, minimizing potential risks.

Also be transparent about your dog’s personality. If your dog is sensitive or not well-socialized, always keep them on a leash and introduce them to new environments with care.

Carry the Doggie Essentials

Always have your pet's essentials on hand, including food, water, medication, and health records. In case of emergencies, having these supplies readily available can make a world of difference.

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