How to Keep Your Delivery Streamlined to the Last Mile

How to Keep Your Delivery Streamlined to the Last Mile

As the number of online purchases continues to skyrocket across the economy and consumers expect deliveries to be prompt, attention to detail, especially in the final mile is essential for local truck drivers. 

As most logistic professionals already know, the final mile of the shipment to the customer’s door can be the most challenging step of the entire process. To put that into perspective, the final leg accounts for around 28% of the overall shipment cost.

Though it may sound like a stressful game, having a last-mile strategy in place can help streamline operations and cut unnecessary costs. 

In this post, we share helpful tips to execute successful last-mile deliveries with precision.

1. Communicate with your Customers

As is true in many aspects of life, communication is key. When you are on the final leg of your delivery (or at any point in the process) keeping close contact with your customers means everyone is on the same page, preventing miscommunications and delays. 

The best way to perpetuate fast and clear communication is through the utilization of supply chain management technology. Services like SMS or tracking programs are valuable assets that improve accuracy, provide real-time status updates across the board, and bolster visibility. 

This way, your customers know exactly where their shipment is with the click of a button, and your team can easily stay on top of the supply chain to see what works and areas that need improvement

2. Technology

As mentioned in our previous point, supply chain technology can make the difference between a stressful last mile and one that ends on time, without extra costs. 

In terms of ‘technology,’ there are plenty of cutting-edge software programs to choose from. It really comes down to which technological service best aligns with your fleet and supply chain. This could mean using software that sends customers direct shipment notifications or programs that recommend the best carrier for a specific load. 


One last tip we have for finishing a successful final mile is fulfilling the electronic proof of delivery (EPOD). The EPOD is a delivery confirmation, usually done with a photo or customer signature.

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