How to Prep Your Supply Chain for the Holiday Season

How to Prep Your Supply Chain for the Holiday Season

Black Friday and it’s fresh sidekick, Cyber Monday are hurtling towards us at warp speed. Even with the coronavirus pandemic upending normalcy this year, experts predict that holiday sales will be higher than in 2019, especially since more consumers will be shopping online as a safety precaution.

For the logistics industry, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year, with no room for error. From the handlers working in distribution centers to the truck drivers delivering anticipated packages, every bit of the supply chain needs to be prepared for a heavy influx of shipping orders.

How can you make sure your supply chain is ready for action? Here are our best tips to get you planning like a pro.

Put your team first

During this high pressure season, your team needs all of the support they can get, especially with COVID precautions added to the list this year. Start your holiday prep by meeting with your logistics team and be transparent about the upcoming season and the expectations. Get their input on workplace practices and if needed, implement training to boost confidence and readiness. Finally, show them that they are appreciated!

Consider expanding sales days

Traditionally, Black Friday is the only day to score deals, but this year, businesses are expanding sales over a smattering of days. Toy with the possibility of following suit, as this will take the pressure off the supply chain considerably, since team members can better manage inventory and spread out online orders.

Keep it as local as possible

Your warehouse strategy is crucial during the holiday season, and where you choose to store your products can also have major impacts. Ask yourself: where are the majority of your customers located? Fish out warehouses that are close by to reduce delivery times and boost supply chain efficiency.

Upgrade technology

Innovative software is changing the way logistics is handled- in a good way! And, the holiday season is the perfect time to upgrade your tech if you haven’t already. Start by implementing a Transportation Management System (TMS) to automatically track orders, rate, and book freight. Tackle time-consuming paperwork and cut down on careless errors by implementing an ERP record keeping system.

Partner with a 3PL

If you don’t have time to fully oversee the supply chain, consider partnering with a 3PL company to take care of it for you. A reputable company has years of experience in the logistics industry, with all of the network connections, drivers, fleet and equipment all in one place. Not only do you get to focus on your business, but you get peace of mind knowing that your supply chain is being handled by experts.

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