How to Prevent Humidity From Damaging Your Shipping Containers

How to Prevent Humidity From Damaging Your Shipping Containers

Along the global supply chain, millions of products travel hundreds of miles across the world via land, sea, and air. 

Sea travel is a standard option for moving large quantities of products across the globe by means of shipping containers

When moving items in bulk, the last thing you want to deal with upon arrival at the port is damaged goods due to humid containers. 

Condensation in containers, especially those traveling by sea, amounts to millions of dollars worth of damages of products. 

But, there are steps you can take to prevent this...

Here are 4 tips on preventing humidity in containers and protecting your loads.

1. Limit Air Space

A dehumidifier helps balance out moisture in the air.

Condensation is more likely to strike in shipping containers that have excess air space. This means that there is room for moisture to travel through the openness of the air. Prevent unwanted condensation by packing your containers with a limited amount of air space.

2. Ensure There is Proper Ventilation

Ventilation is key to keeping moisture and humidity out of your shipping containers. Properly ventilated shipping containers create a symbiotic relationship between the air inside the container and the air outside the container. Maintaining a balanced humidity level between the air coming out and air going in can help eliminate moisture.

3. Upgrade Your Insulation

Another option for protecting your cargo is to make sure your shipping container is well insulated. Proper insulation inside your container helps protect your items from unexpected/extreme temperature switches, hence keeping the inside temperature regulated.

4. Invest in a Dehumidifier


A dehumidifier is a machine that’s effective at combating moisture by sucking in humid air and releasing dry air. If close to a power source, a dehumidifier is a no-brainer for keeping your cargo cool and dry. When using a dehumidifier, make sure to set up a hose system so the captured humidity has a place to drain out.

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