How to Protect Your packaged Cargo From Damages

How to Protect Your packaged Cargo From Damages

Goods travel far and wide to arrive at their destination in one piece. From changing hands to changing modes of transportation, it’s important to make sure they are packaged with care to avoid costly damages. Here are 4 tips for protecting your precious cargo!

Nervous about fragile products? Try a test shipment

You can actually set up a mock shipment with packages that have the same dimensions and weight as the products you want to ship. Experiment with different packaging materials to see what offers the most protection, then send out your mock load to see how well it travels, and what you can improve to make it better. Sometimes all you need is to tweak the way the goods are handled and stored inside of a container- these little details can be sorted with a test run.

Invest in your packaging materials

It’s worth investing in quality packaging materials for peace of mind- plus, it’s a lot less expensive compared to damaged goods. Utilize pressure sensitive plastic tape to block odors and moisture, and ensure you have enough cushioning. Pallets are a great way to stabilize goods inside a container, especially when being handled by a forklift.

Keep moisture out

Don’t forget to inspect your container before loading up the goods. Containers are exposed to varying climates and weather while on the road, leading to condensation build-up and corrosion. By doing a walk-through beforehand, you can pinpoint any areas that need to be addressed by cleaning. Use desiccants to cut down on moisture exposure and to keep your cargo as dry as possible.

Warehouse organization

Choose a warehouse that is kept in proper order with clear aisles and safety regulations in place. Organization cuts down on damages considerably, especially when heavy machinery is being utilized, such as forklifts. Work with a professional transloading team that has experience handling fragile goods with care. The goal is have your packages arrive at their destination in one piece, and every level of the supply chain needs to work quickly yet carefully to keep products pristine.

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