How to Stay Safe on the Road in Heavy Rain

How to Stay Safe on the Road in Heavy Rain

American truck drivers are used to pushing through daily obstacles on the road to ensure we get our deliveries on time. But there are dangerous situations that can arise- with inclement weather at the forefront.

Depending on where you’re driving, this is the time to be extra vigilant with storms and heavy rain. If you’re trucking in the Southeast, it’s hurricane season and the weather forecast needs to be closely followed. 

In this post, we give you our best tips for driving in heavy rain. When the roads get slippery, you need to be ready for anything!

Slow down: Rain makes it difficult to see clearly and it also makes braking dangerous. Drive at or a little below the speed limit, giving you more time to react safely in case of an emergency.

Leave room: You’ll want to lengthen the follow time between you and the vehicle ahead. It’s recommend to keep at least 7 seconds in fair weather, and even more in rainy weather.

Decelerate sooner: It takes more time for a truck to slow down, and when it rains you’ll want to start pumping the brakes well before the stop. This minimizes the risk of skidding.

No distractions: Before you set off on your trip, limit the distractions. Stash your phone away so you’re not tempted to text and lower the volume on the radio.

Maintain your truck: Always inspect the tread on your tires, the windshield wipers, and the brakes to reduce the chances of skidding or hydroplaning.

Use the defrost: If your windows start fogging, push the defrost button to clear them up and increase visibility.

If you do skid: Don’t panic! Hold the steering wheel steady and take your foot off the accelerator. Do not brake or turn the wheel suddenly, as this can cause you to lose control. Gently steer towards a safe spot and wait until the tires find traction again.

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