Important Trucking Safety Tips for Driving in Heavy Traffic

Important Trucking Safety Tips for Driving in Heavy Traffic

Truck drivers face many dangers on the road every day. They must learn to be attentive at all times and understand how to react accordingly when unexpected obstacles arise. 

That’s why when bumper to bumper traffic hits, truckers need to be able to adjust their driving accordingly, as even with slow traffic, the risk of an accident increases.

In this blog post, we talk about the dangers of heavy traffic and how truckers can be prepared to handle it the safest way possible.

Is it Avoidable?

Not only is traffic congestion dangerous for truckers, but it can also affect their bottom-line. Delays can cause late deliveries and incur extra logistics costs. These are all worries that crop up when cars start slowing down on the horizon.

Truckers can take preventative measures by downloading traffic apps that let them know what areas along their routes are compromised.

They can also use GPS to source backup routes that they can take in case unexpected traffic hits suddenly.

Truck Blind Spots

When traffic builds, truckers need to be aware of every vehicle around them- because there will probably be many. This is why it’s important to understand truck blind spots. Most likely, someone in a passenger vehicle won’t have a clue where a trucker’s blind spots are located.

Slow down, and avoid changing lanes if you can. Changing lanes is one of the most dangerous maneuvers. If you absolutely need to change, take your time. Put on your blinker and wait a moment to ensure everyone around you knows you are getting ready to move

Try Driving at Night

It can be challenging to make the switch to drive at night, but it actually offers many benefits for truckers. 

For one, with less traffic on the road at night, safety risks decrease. You're less likely to deal with traffic jams in the middle of the night, leaving wide open lanes for you to cruise on.

You also get to cover some major miles, avoiding delays and lowering the pressure of meeting a delivery deadline.

In the morning, you can pull into a truck parking lot to rest, which tends to be less crowded during the day when other drivers are on the road. This is another blessing in disguise, as truck parking can be packed come evening time.

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