Looking for Truck Driving Jobs? Ask These Crucial Questions!

Looking for Truck Driving Jobs? Ask These Crucial Questions!

The trucking industry is in need of drivers, and with the higher demand comes the allure of flexible jobs and eye-popping benefits that can’t be ignored. 

The truth is clear: in 2022 truck driving is a highly lucrative career! And, it’s one of the few careers that doesn’t require a four-year degree to join the force. 

But with so many companies looking for drivers how can you wade through the tantalizing offers to find the best fit for you and your career goals?

As you navigate the industry, remember to ask these important questions!

How do you want to drive?

We won’t sugar coat it, truck driving is a challenging profession. Drivers spend hours on the road, which can be tiring and lonely since you are away from friends and family for days. With that being said, you’ll want to consider your schedule and the routes you’ll be driving. 

It’s also important to think about the types of loads you want to haul, which also goes hand-in-hand with the vehicle you’ll drive.

Cover all of these areas by asking the following questions at your interviews:

  • Ask about the number of miles you’ll be expected to cover on a weekly/monthly basis.
  • What distance will you be covering?
  • What are the common routes you’ll be driving?
  • Ask about deadline policies for deliveries.
  • Do you need any specialized equipment or certification for the job?
  • Will you as the driver be expected to unload your own truck?

How is time-off handled?

Time-off is a priority on anyone’s list, especially for truck drivers who spend long periods of time away from home. Don’t be afraid to ask about time-off policies when interviewing with various companies. 

Remember, not only is time-off important for seeing friends and family, but it’s when you get to rest, relax, and recharge to avoid burnout.

Here’s how to ask about time-off policies:‍

  • Do you have a home-time policy?
  • Will my days off be consistent or does it change?
  • How can I use my time off? Are there restrictions?
  • Does your company offer paid vacation time?
  • What is the procedure for emergencies, sick days, and appointments?

Navigating salary and benefits

‍Last but not least, we can’t forget about the salary questions. There are many important areas to cover here, so don’t be afraid to dive in!

Here are some good questions to consider:

  • What is the top earning potential with this specific position?
  • Does your company give raises and how does it work?
  • Do you offer health benefits for family members?
  • Are retirement and disability offered?
  • Are there bonuses for signing on?

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