Savvy Tips to Speed Up Your Deliveries and Improve Time Efficiency

Savvy Tips to Speed Up Your Deliveries and Improve Time Efficiency

It’s no secret that the logistics industry prizes efficiency and timeliness. This is what gains customer satisfaction and saves money, as faster shipping demands rise.

However, this puts obvious pressure on shippers and drivers. How can they keep up to meet consumer demand?

Fortunately, problem solving and technology are helping the industry to evolve. There are many ways you can improve your bottom line and ensure fast, on-time deliveries. We explore the best tips and tricks in this blog post.

Supply Chain Management Technology

One of the biggest ways to make an impact on shipping times is by implementing high tech logistics software into operations. 

There are plenty of advanced management platforms that provide a number of automated services. For example, some software monitors shipments, sending out updates and messages across the board. 

Management software can also help with organizing documents and keeping communication open with customers. It opens visibility, so shippers can observe the areas of the supply chain that need improvement, then make the necessary adjustments to optimize operations.

Tracking software is also handy, especially for warehouses. It allows shippers to know where all loads are located at any given time, improving organization, boosting security, and allowing them to send status updates to customers on delivery progress.

Expand Your Network

It’s always a good idea to have backups in the logistics industry. You never know when a flat tire can strand your truck driver on the side of a desolate road, delaying an important delivery.

One way to always be prepared is to invest time into building your carrier network. This establishes longterm business partnerships with reliable carriers you trust, who charge fair rates.

That way, if the unpredictable occurs, you can reach out to another carrier for service without wasting too much time.

Take Care of Your Fleet

Finally, you can weed out alot of mechanical problems that cause delays by implemeting ongoing inspections of vehicles and equipment.

Issues with tires, brakes, and engines can be costly and dangerous, especially in lieu of inclement weather or a long OTR delivery.

It’s important to have drivers check their tire pressure and fuel before trips. You can also hold training meetings to go over how to do this and pinpoint specifics on air levels, fuel efficiency, and how to spot wear and tear on brakes and the engine.

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