The 101 on Blocking and Bracing

The 101 on Blocking and Bracing

Shipping cargo via intermodal drayage is a clever way to save on costs and fuel by incorporating multiple modes of transport, such as trucks and trains.

However, with the pros come the cons, one of which is damaged goods. Packages are being moved from one mode to the next, and between rough handling and bumping around in a trailer, extra cushioning is crucial.

That’s where blocking and bracing services come in. But, what is it? We explain all you need to know in this post!

What is Blocking and Bracing, Anyways?

Blocking and bracing services entail strategies to protect freight from becoming damaged during transit. This is especially important for drayage.

Blocking is utilized to prevent goods from moving side to side or front to back in a trailer. Meanwhile, bracing secures goods so it doesn’t move up or down in the trailer.

To achieve blocking and bracing, specialized packaging and expert loading maneuvers are applied to freight when moved from one container to another (or trailer).

Common Blocking and Bracing Methods

Logistics professionals must get creative with packaging materials and positioning of goods since it comes in all shapes and sizes. Here are the most common ways to effectively mobilize freight:

  • Stretch wrap
  • Bull boards
  • E-track gate
  • End gates
  • Airbags
  • Honeycomb filter

How to Block and Brace Like a Pro

A loading plan is essential to successfully transport freight in one piece, so time and meticulous planning are the first steps.

When formulating your loading plan, you’ll want to take freight positioning into consideration. Newton’s Law comes in full force here. If an object is still, it remains still, but if it’s in motion, you better believe it’ll stay in motion- no matter how heavy it is! 

Imagine a heavy package pummeling everything inside a moving trailer…it can be dangerous! Bear in mind that the heavier an object is, the more blocking and bracing methods should be applied.

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