The 101 on High Value Shipping

The 101 on High Value Shipping

Do you have expensive items to ship, but feel nervous? After all, when shipping high value cargo you want to feel peace of mind knowing that it’s well protected from damages during transit and furthermore, you don’t want thieves to get any ideas.

In this post, we discuss what high value shipping entails so you can be well-prepared before embarking on the supply chain. 

What are High Value Items?

There are many different types of products that fall under the category of high value. Generally, it’s an item that is rare or expensive, so they must be handled with the utmost care and monitored from pick up to delivery. 

Some of the most common high value items include:

  • Electronics
  • Jewels, gems, precious metals
  • Financial documents
  • Industrial equipment
  • Medical supplies

How are High Value Items Handled?

When it comes to shipping high value items, packaging and handling must be prioritized. To start, the shipping company should customize a transportation plan that embodies the unique elements of the shipment.

The packaging materials used is important, and depends on the size and amount of items. Extra padding and straps might be necessary to hold items securly in place. 

Furthermore, the way the shipment is organized inside of a dry van must also be taken into consideration to prevent slipping, sliding, and bumping while in transit.

Focus on specialized services for the final mile when the delivery is made. Your high value items might benefit from extras such as product placement, dunnage removal, or inside delivery.

An Emphasis on Security

If you are concerned about security when shipping expensive items, there are measures you can take to add an extra layer of protection against cargo theft. 

Ask your logistics company about geo-fencing, door sensors, live location tracking, and dual-driver teams. If needed, you can also request expedited shipping to cut out idle time on the road- when theft is a high risk.

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