The Advantages of Using a 53-Foot Container to Haul Freight

The Advantages of Using a 53-Foot Container to Haul Freight

What size container do you need to ship your freight? There are a few different sizes, including 20’, 40’, and 53’ so it’s essential to understand the benefits each size offers. 

By making the right choice for your load, you can potentially save time and money. In this post, we focus on the 53’ container and the benefits it can offer shippers.

Note that this type of container is perfect for shipping domestically using multiple forms of transportation, but it’s generally not used for international ocean shipping.

More space can lower the per-unit shipment cost

Since a 53’ container holds 37% more than a 40’ container, you can fit more cargo into one space, cutting down on your need for more costly space. This lowers the per-unit shipment cost while also reducing the time it takes to deliver large-scale loads if it fits into one container.

The cargo stays in a 53’ container from start to finish

In the US there are no modifications or equipment required for moving 53’ containers through the supply chain. Oftentimes, containers must comply with specialized modifications as they shift from one mode of transportation to the next. 

Since 53 footers bypass this, the cargo stays safely sealed inside, cutting out delays and reducing the risk of damages.

Enhanced intermodal precision

Intermodal consists of transporting freight using multiple methods of transportation, such as being hauled by a truck from port to rail. 

The beauty of a 53’ container is that it can be loaded at the manufacturing facility and transported anywhere by truck- including the final destination- all in the same container. This not only saves time and money but decreases supply chain touch points.

If you’re looking for the right container for your load, we can help you solidify the best shipping strategy for your needs, all in one convenient place. Contact us to learn more about our services!

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