This Is Why You Should Bring Your Dog With You While Trucking

This Is Why You Should Bring Your Dog With You While Trucking

Long hours on the road can be grueling, especially if you have to do them alone. Luckily when trucking, there is always the option of bringing along your furry friend. 

There are currently no FMCSA regulations about traveling with a pet, but make sure to check with your company's policies before loading up your fuzzy co-pilot. 

If you’re on the fence about bringing your pet, here are some 3 benefits that might persuade you.

Added Safety of a Guard Dog

The high risk of cargo theft is a danger that truck drivers have to deal with over the road. Traveling with a pet- particularly dogs- gives you a living & breathing alarm system

Dogs are loyal companions with enhanced senses of smell and hearing, and may notice something suspicious before a driver does. As well, dogs tend to be protective of their owners and territory.

After a long day of hauling goods, having a dog by your side can help you enjoy a better night's sleep. And best of all, you don’t have to pay them for a job they love doing… keeping their hooman safe.

Priceless Companionship

It can get lonely out on the road, but with a pet by your side, long days are filled with laughs, cuddles, and companionship. 

Pets are also incredible for emotional support. The supply chain can get hectic, and pressure to deliver loads on time can take a mental toll. Pets provide unconditional love and hugs without any judgment- they just want to make you happy!

Keeps You Active

Pets need to stay active, which could be a great benefit to you as well. Hours of sedentary driving can lead to health problems down the line. 

Whether it’s playing fetch at a rest stop or taking a short stroll around a public park, just the simple act of getting your blood flowing and stretching those muscles is good for the body and mind. 

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