Tips for Choosing the Best Warehouse for your Shipment

Tips for Choosing the Best Warehouse for your Shipment

In this day and age the demand for faster shipping has increased with eCommerce. That puts a lot of pressure on businesses to get their goods from point A to point B safely and quickly, and so warehouses have become even more prominent than ever before.

Sometimes your goods will need to stay in a warehouse for some time, which makes safety and efficiency paramount. How can you make the right choice to save time and money- especially in a region that you’re unfamiliar with? Our tips can help you make smart decisions when it comes to choosing the best warehouse solution for your shipment.

Strategic location

The location of your warehouse is one of the most important factors to consider. You want to be able to get out on the road as quickly as possible without dealing with traffic and other potential delays. Do some route planning and look for warehouses located close to the highways, rail ramps and ports that your shipment will be traveling to and from.

Experience & Technological Advancements

Of course you already know to research the different warehouses and what they offer in terms of service. There are a few important factors to consider when making your choice, mainly the amount of experience they have, safety and their resources. This can also help you…

  • Knowing the operational dates
  • The types of handling processes they implement for efficiency
  • The types of goods they have experience with
  • The latest technology they utilize to streamline processes
  • Safety training and certifications for workers
  • Organization and layout of the warehouse

Security Measures

Cargo theft is a very real danger that you must prioritize when selecting a warehouse. Idle goods are high risk, no matter where they are stored for the time being- so it’s paramount that you inquire about security. Does the warehouse offer 24/7 surveillance? Do they employ the latest technology to protect goods? What procedures do they have in place in case of an emergency? Peace of mind is important, especially when your shipment is far away in an unfamiliar place.

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