We Debunk the Most Common Owner Operator Myths

We Debunk the Most Common Owner Operator Myths

If you’re sitting at your desk job, staring out the window and dreaming of a life where you can travel and be your own boss, becoming an owner-operator might just be the career switch you need!

But once you start looking into it, it’s natural to feel nervous. After all, while highly lucrative, being a truck driver can be tough.

Still, the benefits are too hard to pass up, and truckers- whether you drive for a company or you’re an owner operator- are in high demand!

If you’re toeing the line of becoming an owner-operator, the least we can do is squash some of the most common myths surrounding the profession. Read on to learn more!

Myth No. 1: Owner Operators Can’t Work For a Company

That’s NOT true! As an owner-operator, you are your own boss and have the freedom to work with whomever you choose- including shipping companies. 

You’ll get a regular schedule just like company drivers, except you can choose the loads you want to haul. This ensures you always have a steady workflow while still giving you freedom!

Myth No. 2: You Need Perfect Credit to be an Owner Operator

It’s a bit unrealistic to expect everyone to have perfect credit, but that’s why resources are available to help you get the financing you need for a truck. So before you toss your dreams to the side of the highway, do your research and make a budget!

You might be able to qualify for a loan, or at least estimate how much you need for a monthly truck payment and work towards that goal. 

Don’t let obstacles get in the way of your new career, there are always options- you just have to reach for them!

Myth No. 3: You Won’t Get to see Your Family

Nope, you’ll get to see them alright. Since you’re your own boss, you make your schedule! Owner operators choose the loads they want to haul and the contracts to sign. Holidays and time off are in your hands. 

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