What Do Breakbulk Services Entail?

What Do Breakbulk Services Entail?

The standard container can handle alot, but sometimes it can’t handle an oversized load. Specifically when transloading from port to truck or to rail, this can present challenges that are costly or time-consuming, and that’s certainly not the position shippers want to find themselves in.

That’s where breakbulk services are incredibly useful for keeping the supply chain streamlined. Designed to service oversized cargo, this is becoming a popular method of transportation that has been projected to see in increase in demand since 2020.

In this blog post, we explain in detail what breakbulk is and the benefits it provides.

What is Breakbulk Shipping?

Breakbulk is the process used to move overdimensional cargo from one mode of transportation to another, such as from ship to truck. Standard methods of transloading won’t work, so other forms of packaging are used to make it easier to lift, roll, or push the cargo. This includes using a drum, box, barrel, or crate.

3 Main Benefits of Breakbulk

Breakbulk services provide many benefits that help shippers save time and money while reducing the risk of damages. 

No Rebuilding Necessary

One of the biggest timesavers with breakbulk is that you don’t need to deconstruct or reconstruct the cargo in order to move it. This reduces labor and also decreases damages or errors from taking pieces apart. Your overdimensional items stay in the original, solid state.

No Size Constraints

Another worthwhile benefit of breakbulk is the flexibility it offers. Typical transloading prevents many overdimensional loads from being able to access smaller ports. However, breakbulk incorporates the use of cranes, which makes it easier to move items in smaller spaces. You can access the ports you want, streamlining the supply chain in your favor.

More Transportation Options

Instead of sticking with one mode of transportation, such as heavy haul trucking, breakbulk opens up the possibility of other modes for overdimensional freight. You can reap the benefits of intermodal, which can save time, money, and is regarded as more ecofriendly.

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