What is a Logistics Broker?

What is a Logistics Broker?

If you’re new to the world of shipping, but don’t have the time to research the best services for what you need, then a logistics broker might be just the ticket to get your freight moved fast at prices that are in your budget.

In this post, we explain what a logistics broker does and the benefits of partnering up with one.

Logistics brokers bridge the gap between carriers and shippers

Sometimes it’s difficult for shippers to find the best carrier for their needs, and that’s where a broker comes in handy. Logistics brokers are well connected in the industry, and can help shippers find a reputable carrier at fair prices.

This relationship also helps carriers by supplying them with plenty of loads that help keep schedules full, minimizing deadhead miles.

What are the basic responsibilities of a freight broker?

Brokers are able to undertake several different types of tasks for customers. This includes:

  • Finding new carriers
  • Vetting carriers
  • Negotiating costs
  • Dispatching
  • Keeping communication open between carrier and driver during the job
  • Load tracking
  • Compliance
  • Helping navigate transportation documents
  • Handling invoices

Benefits of using a logistics broker

Utilizing the expertise and connections of a freight broker gives shippers many benefits that ease the pressures of navigating the supply chain.

You get to focus on your business while the broker takes care of the invoices, audits, and training for your shipping department.

Flexibility and variety become centerfold since brokers have access to extensive carrier networks that enable more buying power and discounts that might otherwise be difficult to obtain. 

Furthermore, working with a broker provides fresh insight into the industry, boosting your own knowledge and skills. Brokers work with the latest supply chain management technology, so not only can you rest assured that your freight is well taken care of, but you get added visibility for assessment.

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