What is HAZMAT Shipping?

What is HAZMAT Shipping?

Chemicals, hairspray, batteries, e-cigarettes. What do these items have in common?

If you answered that they are all hazardous materials, then you are correct.

All kinds of goods are shipped across the globe- even the dangerous ones, and this is where HAZMAT shipping comes in handy.

But what is it?

What is HAZMAT shipping?

Hazardous items are solids, gases, or liquids considered dangerous to the people handling them because these items can spill, break, or react when exposed to another substance. These goods can harm to people and the environment.

Whether on a plane, truck, or ship there are stringent guidelines for handling hazardous materials, making HAZMAT shipping one of the most complicated and expensive types of transportation.

Who can ship HAZMAT goods?

In order to ship these types of goods, the US Department of Transportation (US DOT) requires drivers to be specially trained and certified. 

During the training, you’ll learn the requirements for how to package, label, and complete the paperwork for HAZMAT materials.

These regulations are strictly adhered to, and if broken can result in fines or even legal action.

The HAZMAT process

When hazardous materials need to be shipped, this is how it’s done from start to finish.

1. Classification

First comes the paperwork. A Safety Data Sheet must be completed by the person handling the materials. This paper contains all of the information about the material, so the handlers can become familiar with the product.

2. Work with a carrier

The shipper will work closely with a reputable carrier who has experience shipping dangerous materials. The carrier will go over their procedure and requirements for the shipment.

3. Plan the packaging

As mentioned, there are special regulations for selecting packaging for dangerous materials. For example, some liquids are required to be packed in steel or plastic drums for safety.

4. Label your products

After packaging, you’ll need to label the shipment appropriately. There are specific markings depending on what you’re shipping. 

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