What Truckers Need to Watch out For on the Roads During Springtime

What Truckers Need to Watch out For on the Roads During Springtime

Winter is arguably one of the toughest months for truckers. Cold weather, icy roads, and storms amp up the danger factor tenfold. So when spring rolls around, those shoots of green foliage and the first taste of warmth brings on a big sigh of relief.

However, every season presents its own set of challenges, and as flowery and fresh as spring is, it too should not be taken for granted.

In this blog post, we remind everyone of some of the dangers to be mindful of when making those long haul deliveries this spring.

Unpredictable Weather Patterns

Weather is always a big concern any time of the year, and during spring it’s no different. Spring weather is tricky, because it’s unpredictable. One day, you might have warm weather and the next, a cold front rolls in.

Truckers must be prepared for these changes by having the right supplies and clothing onboard. If it rains and dropping temperatures turn that rain into snow or ice, then the roads can get perilous rather quickly.

Be careful of slippery black ice, which is difficult to see in shady, covered areas, such as under bridges. Slow down, when the weather as wet, because black ice can easily catch a trucker off-guard and cause the rig to lose control.

One way to stay on top of weather is to download a weather app so you can track forecasts.

Animals Are Out and About

Humans aren’t the only ones excited about spring. Animals are coming out of hibernation and are ready to mate and forage for food. This is an active season for wildlife, so it’s crucial to keep eyes peeled while driving through heavily wooded areas.

Deer are notorious for leaping out into traffic, as they tend to graze along the edge of highways at the tree line. They can cause serious accidents, so always watch for animal crossing signs and slow down.

The Wind Picks Up 

During the spring, windy weather becomes more frequent. Of course, every region of the country is different, but this is something to watch for since wind and tall, shaky tractor trailers just don’t mix.

If you experience heavy wind, it’s important to slow down. If necessary, consider pulling off the road and parking until the gusts settle down. You don’t want to take a chance of getting blown over!

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